The Story of Bes

“There is a unique and universal magic to ancient Egypt. Something about it resonates with the young as well as the mature, and that fascination cuts across all national and cultural boundaries.

   John Anthony West,
   from the Foreword to The Story of Bes

Living My Bes Life Blog

Dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the ancients and encouraging a lifetime of wonder . . . Join Bes and me on the adventure of a lifetime. . . .

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Bes Publications

Return to a bygone age when the world was filled with magic and ruled by immortals. Learn the mythology of ancient Egypt from of its own: Bes, the go-to little god whose long list of deity duties included: ‘Protector of Children, and ‘Patron of Joy, Music and Merry-making

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Bes Facts

Easily recognized by his impishly undersized and over-stuffed body, feathered headdress, full curly beard and perpetually protruding tongue, the ancient Egyptian god Bes has long been celebrated as the protector of everything good and the defender against everything bad

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Bes Quest Tours

The oldest and most celebrated tourist attraction of all time, home to magnificent stone monuments built to last for eternity -- Egypt begs to be explored. Think of Bes as Egypt’s own 'Mickey Mouse,' welcoming all to the world’s original ‘Magic Kingdom'

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Shelli Wright Johnson

A lifelong enthusiast of ancient Egypt, Shelli was introduced to the bandy-legged, protruding-tongued Bes in the spring of 1998, on her first trip (of many) to his magical homeland, and (thankfully) her life has never been the same

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