The Story of Bes

“There is a unique and universal magic to ancient Egypt. Something about it resonates with the young as well as the mature, and that fascination cuts across all national and cultural boundaries.

   John Anthony West,
   from the Foreword to The Story of Bes

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Dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the ancients and encouraging a lifetime of wonder, Join Bes and me on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Story of Bes Synopsis

Two worlds collide when Andy experiences a close encounter of the weirdest kind, uncovering a mysterious scroll filled with indecipherable text, and suddenly finding himself eyeball to eyeball with Bes -- the undersized, overstuffed, protruding-tongued god of ancient Egyptian legend! This pint-sized hero of old had come to the New World on a quest to reclaim the ancient manuscript. Although Bes makes clear his intent to return the document to its rightful homeland, Andy is not eager to handover his newly discovered treasure. While vying for control of the crumbling scroll, Andy persuades Bes to tell the epic tale recorded in hieroglyphs -- a tale that takes place in a magical age so remote, even the ancients referred to it as the First Time. Finally, the real story of Osiris, Isis, and their conniving brother Set, is told by someone who witnessed the catastrophic events firsthand. So begins The Story of Bes.

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Download the Foreword written by John Anthony West

The Story of Bes by Shelli Wright Johnson

Falcon in the Nest Synopsis

The Old World merges with the New when Bes (the impish, protruding-tongued god of ancient Egyptian legend) returns to visit Andy, fulfilling a promise made nearly two years before. Soon joined by Scott, this unlikely triad of good-natured sarcasm settles in for a night of Amyth-tory as Bes and the boys exchange slightly fractured tales of ancient Egypt and comic book super-heroes. But when Bes finally picks up the epic tale begun before, the scene shifts to a bygone age when the world was filled with magic and ruled by immortals. It is a time of darkness as Set, the “Lord of Disorder,” continues to bring chaos to this once peaceful world. Mankind’s only hope lies in the newly born prince, Horus. High adventure follows as Bes finally fills in the mysterious “Amissing years” of young Horus; years spent tucked away on a secluded the floating island, as the Prince prepares for a show-down of cosmic proportions.

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The Falcon in the Nest, by Shelli Wright Johnson

The Modern Day Alchemist from the Land of the Pharoahs. Secrets of Manifestation Revealed to Awaken the Alchemist Within

George Faddoul and Mohamed Nazmy present a new anthology designed to demystify the ancient practice of "Alchemy" and to provide a wellspring of information and inspiration for a Modern Day Alchemist to begin the quest toward inner-peace, abundance and enlightenment.

Shelli Wright Johnson joined eleven other talented authors who share a love of Egypt and have contributed a series of revealing and insightful essays encapsulating their years of experience in the land where Alchemy began. It comes as no surprise that Shelli's essay discusses the life-altering transformation triggered by her first magical encounter with "Bes" in his ancient homeland.

Download Shelli's Essay Entitled: Living My 'Bes' Life
as well as the Table of Contents to The Modern Day Alchemist

The Modern Day Alchemist

Autographed copies of Shelli's books (Story of Bes and Falcon in the Nest) are available at 25% off retail prices.

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