The Story of Bes

“There is a unique and universal magic to ancient Egypt. Something about it resonates with the young as well as the mature, and that fascination cuts across all national and cultural boundaries.

   John Anthony West,
   from the Foreword to The Story of Bes

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Dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the ancients and encouraging a lifetime of wonder Join Bes and me on the adventure of a lifetime

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Shelli Wright Johnson

Shelli Wright Johnson was born in LaPorte County, Indiana and raised on a farm near the tiny town of Hanna. She attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. Shelli taught ‘language arts in Coffee County, Georgia for a brief period before matriculating to Valparaiso University School of Law in Valparaiso, Indiana, where she received the degree of Juris Doctor. Shelli became the first woman to practice law in Portage, Indiana, and continues to maintain a law office there concentrating in Divorce, Adoptions and other Family Law related issues. A member of the American Association of Trial Law Attorneys, the American Bar Association, Indiana State Bar Association and Porter County Bar Association, Shelli is also licensed as a Family Law Mediator and has taught college level courses in both Family Law and Bankruptcy. Over the years, Shelli has been named to the National Directory of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals; Who’s Who is American Law; Who’s Who in America; the National Association of Professional Women, and other such publications.

Although an attorney by trade, Shelli is a lifelong enthusiast of ancient Egypt by natural design. Her first Egyptian tour in the spring of 1998 inspired a children’s book featuring Bes, the ancient protruding-tongued hero who had captivated her from day one. That book was titled, The Story of Bes. Several return trips to Bes’s ancient homeland resulted in the publication of a second Egyptian-themed book, Falcon In The Nest A ‘Story of Bes Adventure.’ Shelli became a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in 2000. Her passion for Ancient Egypt and Egyptian Mythology has allowed her to become a frequent speaker in classrooms throughout northern Indiana.

In addition to her law practice and writing projects, Shelli’s interests include traveling and co-hosting Bes Quest Egyptian tours with renowned artist Dawn Gaskill, through Mohamed Nazmy of Cairo-based Quest Travel. Shelli resides in Valparaiso, Indiana, with her husband Jim, where they raised three extremely imaginative children, Andrew, Scott and Jenna each of whom continue to consider Bes an essential member of the family.

Shelli Wright Johnson shot
Shelli Wright Johnson Shot
Shelli Wright Johnson and Bes Quest Tour
Shelli Wright Johnson Shot

Shelli's Favorite Quote

‘Ten measures of Magic came into the world. Egypt received nine of these. The rest of the world, only one.

The Talmud,
Code of Jewish Law


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Return to a bygone age when the world was filled with magic and ruled by immortals. Learn the mythology of ancient Egypt from of its own: Bes, the go-to little god whose long list of deity duties included: ‘Protector of Children,and ‘Patron of Joy, Music and Merry-making

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The oldest and most celebrated tourist attraction of all time, home to magnificent stone monuments built to last for eternity -- Egypt begs to be explored. Think of Bes as Egypt’s own ‘Mickey Mouse,welcoming all to the world’s original ‘Magic Kingdom

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